Deep freeze in Boulder, CO

By Max R. Weller

See the National Weather Service 7-Day Forecast for our fair city.

If you’re a homeless man reading this blog post in another city, and thinking about coming to Boulder as hundreds of others do throughout the year, be advised that resources are stretched to the limit — you’ll be lucky to get a small space on the floor at an emergency warming center operated by Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. The odds of getting a bed in the lottery at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are not favorable. Homeless women have an easier time of it, it’s true, since they don’t play the lottery; on the other hand, women on the streets are much more vulnerable to the predators among the transient population.

Homeless families with kids can obtain help from Emergency Family Assistance Association.

Youth who are on the streets should contact Attention Homes.

See a complete list of “Resources for the Homeless in Boulder, CO” at the top of this page.

My advice for those who have no ties to Boulder, CO would be to head to a warmer clime. It’s currently 54 degrees in San Diego, CA and 78 degrees in Miami, FL as of 7:40AM MST.



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