Don’t try this at home!

By Max R. Weller

Read the report from the Daily Camera, ‘Cougar on the prowl near Nederland’ — excerpt below:

Abe Russell said his 6-year-old English bulldog, Tank, was killed by a mountain lion Monday. On Monday morning before he went to work, he said, Tank apparently got out of the backyard by pushing through the fence.

Russell said he and his Great Dane went looking for Tank, but about 40 feet from his house he turned the corner to find a large mountain lion just a few feet away with Tank’s body.

“It was pretty traumatic,” Russell said. “To not notice it and to walk up to within 4 feet of one is terrifying.”

Russell said he wanted to back up, but his Great Dane started to bark at the cougar and he was worried the lion would kill her, too. So he picked up a stick and jabbed the lion in the neck until it ran off.

I don’t doubt that it could be necessary to confront a dangerous wild critter, but what’s described above is NOT one of those times. The unfortunate “Tank” was already dead. Back away slowly, go home, and report the incident to the authorities. If you want to cover your retreat, use something that can do an effective job in terms of stopping the critter:

180015_105052629569170_3966820_nKimber Pro Carry .45 caliber pistol

Please, do not pick up a stick and poke the lion or bear or coyote with it, in the hopes the animal will run away!

Abe Russell must have a guardian angel, one working overtime, if he’s generally this reckless and manages to stay in one piece. Maybe he just had a brain cramp on this occasion . . .


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