‘Alcoholics work for beer in Amsterdam program’

By Max R. Weller

Read the report from the Associated Press via the Denver Post.

I don’t endorse this idea at all, but I can see where it could fit right in with the general approach of Boulder, CO’s apologists/enablers, who are making a living off of the misery of chronically homeless people.

In my previous post, I listed six ways that our fair city should reform its dealings with “transients” — those homeless people who have no ties to Boulder and come here just to grab all of the Free Stuff being given away at many different venues. As usually happens, a few Boulderites would rather make ME the issue instead of dealing with problems related to homelessness; the fact remains that if the transients behaved as I do, there wouldn’t be any trouble at all.


Of course, these are the same folks who embraced Jim Budd, so it’s obvious they aren’t too bright . . . Not honest, either.


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