Clueless Boulder City Council grapples with transient (bum) issue

By Max R. Weller


See the story from the Daily Camera.

Some interesting comments follow this online puff piece (which includes tweets about council members’ thoughts on various matters). A few are copied below:

homelessphilosopher: Many homeless shelter/services providers in cities across America now require valid photo ID as proof of residency, in order to discourage transients from flocking to their cities the way they do to Boulder, CO. Here in our city, unfortunately, the nonprofits operate by the creed More Homeless People = More Money (from both public and private funding sources) and the Boulder City Council exercises zero oversight. Talk is cheap. BTW, Bridge House is nothing but a transient magnet in the heart of downtown Boulder; it should be moved far away or closed permanently as a Public Nuisance.

CBarrow: “Bridge House………… should be moved far away or closed permanently as a Public Nuisance. ” The same applies to the city council.

ThatWouldBeJack: Didn’t you arrive here homeless? What brought you here?

homelessphilosopher: The Rocky Mountains drew me here. Have you been the victim of crimes committed by transients? They’ve stolen my property on numerous occasions, trashed areas where I’ve been living in harmony with my neighbors, and otherwise created all sorts of mischief — criminal and otherwise. I’ve lived here continuously for almost six years. Transients aren’t the only problem; their apologists/enablers are just as bad for making a living off of them to the detriment of everyone else in Boulder.

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