Max’s Journal 1/11/2014

By Max R. Weller


Thanks to my friends here in Longmont and to the local Walmart, I was able to replace my lost camping gear on a shopping trip yesterday. I’m also considering the advantages of renting a small storage unit in my north Boulder neighborhood, where I could stash all of my stuff during the day — my tiny locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless being inadequate to the task — securing it from the grasp of thieving transients, CDOT employees, Boulder County Jail work release crews, or anybody else who has absconded with my property in the past few years. It’s hard to justify in my mind the monthly rental fee for my meager belongings, but harder still to keep losing my camping gear and imposing on my goodhearted friends.

If I were able-bodied, of course, I’d simply move my campsite far enough away into the boonies that nobody else would come around. The wild critters have never bothered me; it’s people who cause problems for the Homeless Philosopher. And, I’d share a cave with a hibernating bear before staying overnight in any sort of homeless shelter.

Read ‘Longmont police, Boulder district attorney consider legal action . . .’ from the Times-Call. Quoting from the report below:

Both police and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett said a nuisance designation is [a] major decision for law enforcement because it can lead to the loss of private property . . .

Garnett characterized Colorado’s nuisance laws as some of the most restrictive in the country.

I’m all for this “condemnation” of a drug house in Longmont, especially because the Boulder County DA is involved.

It could set a precedent for closing down Bridge House in downtown Boulder as the Public Nuisance it is. Think how much safer and more pleasant Pearl Street Mall, Central Park, and University Hill would be without the scores of transients ENABLED by the so-called homeless people’s day center at 1120 1/2 Pine.

More violent street crime in the City of Peace and Love: ‘Boulder police seeking strong arm robbery suspect’ from the Daily Camera. Perhaps a transient from Denver on his way north to Boulder Shelter for the nightly lottery to get a bunk; the time frame fits.

Consider ‘Discrimination in the principal’s office’ from the Washington Post via the DC.

Wait a minute . . . Didn’t the push for “zero tolerance” policies in schools come from the feds in the first place? Hard to imagine that this hysterical approach to classroom discipline could have swept the country, otherwise. Maybe the feds are clueless, and ought to be ignored by local school districts.

I’ll be watching FREE streaming video of the Colts vs. Patriots AFC playoff game tonight on my friends’ computer, thanks to CBS Sports. Chargers vs. Broncos tomorrow, ditto. I hope the old men at QB, Tom Brady and P. Manning, advance to meet in the AFC championship next weekend.

Weird news from Alaska. No coleslaw or sauerkraut for you, Bullwinkle!



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