“The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness”

By Max R. Weller

art.homeless.blogger.cnnBrianna Karp and her “home”

I’ve read the prologue and first two chapters of “The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness” by Brianna Karp. I’ve skimmed through the rest of it, and out of curiosity read a couple of reviews by readers on goodreads.com as well.

1) She’s NOT homeless by my definition. A travel trailer parked at a Walmart? I doubt she could last a week sleeping OUTDOORS as many homeless people do. The word “impostor” comes to mind.

2) Drama, drama, drama . . . Once you get to be an adult, the drama in your life is of your own making; at least acknowledge that much before you inflict it on unsuspecting readers.

3) I don’t believe her tales of sexual abuse at the age of two at the hands of her father; seems like another example of False Memory Syndrome to me.

4) If I couldn’t do any better relating what it is to be homeless, I’d quit writing about it. But then, Ms. Karp apparently fits some people’s notion of what homelessness is all about, and those people are working in the publishing field.

Bottom line: I’m not sure I have anything positive to gain by reading the rest of this tripe.

I think I’ll reread one of the Aubrey/Maturin historical novels instead.


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