‘Five Countries Where People Live Longest’

By Max R. Weller

Video from the Wall Street Journal website.

We SPEND MORE on health care, only to DIE SOONER.

[WhodunitCare] will make it even worse . . .

BTW, here in Boulder County, CO only 1.7 percent of over 300,000 residents have enrolled in the Affordable Care Act to this point. See the Daily Camera story, which touts this as a great accomplishment. Over 98 percent have not enrolled — which is the REAL STORY not being covered by the DC.

Yes, the Homeless Philosopher is eligible for Medicaid here in Colorado. However, my personal plan is to wait until the inevitable heart attack or stroke fells me — then obtain treatment at the ER if I survive long enough to make it there. Chronic medical problems, like my bad hip, I try to ignore. Where in blazes could I recuperate from hip replacement surgery, even if Medicaid paid for it?

The idea that [WhodunitCare], an unholy marriage between government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits, will do anything but make matters worse for most Americans is insulting to one’s intelligence.


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