Stirring the pot in re CU professor Patti Adler

By Max R. Weller

Yesterday, I joined a Facebook group called Help Patti Adler stay at CU!!!. Copied below is the post I made on their page this morning:

I joined this group in the hope of gaining answers, but first let me state that I have no academic credentials nor have I ever taken a class in sociology. Instead, my learning experience has taken place in Missouri DOC and on the streets as a homeless man in various cities over the course of the past 11+ years. I’ve lived here in Boulder, CO and its environs continuously since February, 2008. I worked for pay and volunteered for free at homeless shelter/services providers in Kansas City, MO before moving to Boulder to be near the Rocky Mountains. Obviously, I’ve met all sorts of “marginalized” people along the way, including inner city prostitutes suffering from drug addiction. Here’s one example, admittedly extreme, of the type of individual I’ve known personally:

BTW, the most pathetic crackhead I ever met was a young white woman, about 6′ tall, who couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds (probably less). She literally looked as if she’d stepped out of one of those horrifying photos of the survivors of Nazi concentration camps.

I’ll digress long enough to state that I’ve also met many, many male and female alcoholics on the streets, and a few of them have become my friends before they died of alcohol-related causes. One of them died here in Boulder a couple of years ago, and he was a highly educated man who simply refused to sober up for good. He knew that he was slowly killing himself, too, and remarked on it several times.

Anyway, to one of my questions: How would anyone go about portraying a woman like Shermaine Miles (below) in a classroom “skit” — and do so in a manner that would offer serious insight into her degrading lifestyle? I doubt that any student at CU has the personal background to pull it off in an appropriate way. The addict/prostitutes I’ve known would either laugh hysterically at such a show or they would become very angry and lash out at the actor(s). I can make an educated guess that none of those street ladies would think you were making a sincere attempt to promote understanding.

In other words, what value does any CU sociology class skit have in real world terms? Make your case.

Please feel free to use Big Words; if I don’t already know what they mean, I can look them up.


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