By Max R. Weller

So many times I read a report or an opinion piece published in the Daily Camera (often it’s hard to tell the difference) and ask myself this question — what the f*** are these people smoking, anyway?

Here’s a perfect illustration of why I’m left scratching my ol’ noggin: ‘More than 2,100 Boulder County residents enroll through new health care exchange’ posted yesterday to the DC’s website.  Quoting from it below:

More than 2,100 Boulder County residents — nearly 10 percent of the total number statewide — have enrolled in health insurance through Colorado’s new health care marketplace, established this year in compliance with President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to county officials.

As of last week, 23,009 Coloradans had enrolled in private health insurance through state exchange Connect for Health Colorado, including 2,183 from Boulder County. According to county officials, 13 percent of Boulder County’s 16,747 uninsured residents had enrolled in private health insurance as of Dec. 14.

“This is an amazing time,” said Mae Hsu, Boulder County health coverage manager. “It’s just an unprecedented time where people can get health insurance at an affordable cost. It’s been exciting to be part of it and have a team so dedicated to helping people get enrolled.

“It’s huge for some people who have never had insurance or were paying much more than they could afford to be able to access it.”

Boulder County has the fourth-highest number of enrolled residents among all Colorado counties. Jefferson County leads the state with 2,801 enrolled residents. In Arapahoe County, 2,767 residents have signed up and 2,745 Denver County residents have enrolled.

Sounds about like what you’d expect from Obamabots and sycophants in the media, but here’s what really got my attention:

Boulder County officials attribute the high rate of sign-ups — county residents comprise 5 percent of the total statewide population, but make up nearly 10 percent of health care enrollments — to extensive outreach efforts and one-on-one assistance.

REALITY CHECK: The population of Boulder County, CO is over 300,000 as of 2012, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Using the rounded figures to calculate, we find that 2,100 residents are about 0.7 percent of the whole population in Boulder County.

So what if less than 1 percent of residents here have signed up for [WhodunitCare]? The real news is that more than 99 percent have NOT done so.

Here’s the contact info for the “reporter” who wrote this puff piece, copied from the “report”:

Contact Staff Writer Sarah Kuta at 303-473-1106, or

You might ask her why she is so lacking in critical thinking skills that are necessary for any responsible journalist to use, or if you’re as disgusted as I am you could ask Sarah if she’s an intern working at the Daily Camera for free.

I’ll admit to being surprised at the truly abysmal showing by the Affordable Care Act here, and I’m as skeptical as anyone could be about this unholy alliance between government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits.

0.7 percent of Boulder County residents have enrolled? Well, as Boulder County health coverage manager Mae Hsu said, “This is an amazing time.”


And let’s not forget the more than 250,000 Coloradans who have had their health insurance canceled due to the ACA: ‘Canceled plans won’t be resurrected in Colorado’ from Health Policy Solutions.

I’d say it’s a FUBAR time, Mae.

Lie-of-Year-copyAt least we KNOW what President Obama has done to deserve this year’s award. 


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