Max’s Journal 12/20/2013

By Max R. Weller

I’ve never been comfortable with asking for help, no matter how urgent the need is. Kindhearted friends come to my rescue, anyway.

A few of you have wondered about my mailing address:

Max R. Weller

4869 N. Broadway

Boulder, CO 80304

That’s Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, of course. Letters are fine, but I don’t think they’ll accept packages for their homeless clients.

I’ll presume that you want to send me Christmas cards, which I’d greatly appreciate (I’m almost certain that I read some fine print in my User Agreement with WordPress which prohibits any “commercial” use by me of this blog — so I’m certainly not soliciting cash donations to help replace my lost tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, and food which were taken from my campsite yesterday morning).

Those of you who pass by the 4900 block of N. Broadway and want to say hello can recognize me, more or less, by my Facebook cover photo.

As I’m writing this post in my friends’ warm and cozy basement in Longmont, Terzah just handed me a bag with presents from another friend, Renee, who lives in Boulder. Should I wait to open these gifts, which I would probably have done at my campsite on Christmas Eve with the wild critters in attendance? Hmmm . . . I’ll drink my second mug of coffee and think it over. Thanks, Renee!

I feel reasonably well this morning, for someone so put upon by gratuitous wrongdoing at the hands of persons unknown. I’m content with very little in material terms, and almost all of it is necessary for survival in the outdoors. Part of my dilemma now is to find a more effective way to keep my gear secure; I’m tired of this bullshit happening.

Anybody know of a cave that isn’t already home to hibernating bears?

photoThe most scrumptious-looking fruitcake I’ve seen, courtesy of my friend Renee!


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