The “Grinch” has taken my camping gear, food, etc.

By Max R. Weller


I discovered this around 11AM, when I returned to my neighborhood in the area of N. Broadway & U.S. 36.

Tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, food, everything at my campsite is GONE. Hundreds of dollars worth!

Shouting Joe from St. Louis says it was BCSO deputies in two white cars who raided my camp, along with others driving black vehicles (city police?), but in the past they’ve always had the courtesy to contact me if there was any problem. Who knows — Joe is drunk most of the time, so I’ll probably never be certain.

In December, 2011 it was CDOT who took all of my gear from a different campsite.


I don’t cause trouble for anybody; tell me to take my stuff and move along and I’ll do it without argument. Still, I don’t blame the authorities as much as I do all of the bad actors among the homeless population, who reinforce the negative stereotypes and cause this sort of backlash against the Homeless Philosopher.

Of course, the goal of the homeless shelter/services industry is to force every homeless person into their grasp. Not me; I may suffer in the forecast snow and below-freezing temps, but I’d rather be dead than in a zoo-like warehouse for humans.

I hope I can get a couple of blankets from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless tonight, but if any of my friends reading this sad tale can help me out with extra gear I’d appreciate it. I’m returning to my neighborhood and will be sitting along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway.

What the hell — the Holiday Season always sucks for me, anyway. It’s hard NOT to just give up.


7 thoughts on “The “Grinch” has taken my camping gear, food, etc.

  1. A Price

    So sorry to hear this. Do you have a PO Box or a way I can send you some cash to help replace what was stolen? I don’t have much but I’m willing to chip in.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      I’m back at my friends’ place in Longmont tonight. I’ll figure something out; I’ve had to replace camping gear before and food is cheap. My neighborhood is probably the most secure in Boulder, and I still lose stuff! I have a feeling that today’s incident was the result of an overzealous work-release crew from Boulder County Jail, who decided to pick up my gear on private property along with trash in roadside ditches. If so, it’s already in the landfill — including a minus 40 degree-rated down sleeping bag given to me by my friend Roman, who used it on Mt. Everest. That alone was worth several hundred bucks, but I can’t afford to rent a storage unit to stash valuables during the day, and the lockers at Boulder Shelter are too small. I couldn’t take a shopping cart onto the SKIP bus, nor inside of CU’s Norlin Library, so that option is also worthless.

      Thanks for the offer, but I’ll get by somehow. Is it too late to scam FEMA, like a few homeless campers have tried to do since the Great Flood?

      1. A Price

        I don’t get into Boulder much anymore. If I mailed something to BSH would you get it? And I don’t mean a book.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Renee, I’ve already opened one from you that will replace all of the food items I lost. I’m also enjoying the other goodies, and have offered to share with my hosts. Thanks for thinking of me!


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