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‘Record suicide toll rocks Colorado’

By Max R. Weller

See the article here.

It’s the most recent info I could find in searching the Internet. As the number of suicides locally in the past couple of years shows, it’s an ongoing problem.

My focus in this blog has been on homeless people, and most of my personal contact on a daily basis is with the small minority who are defined as chronically homeless (I’ve been homeless myself for over 10 years now). It’s obvious that self-medicating with booze, dope (including marijuana), and various prescription drugs obtained illegally is a form of self-inflicted injury. Deaths related to substance abuse are all too common among this group; Boulder, CO seems to me to be remarkably clueless in dealing with the issue. If the only thing a street drunk can look forward to is being segregated in a Housing First facility with other drunks, why should they even consider working toward becoming clean and sober? I think the example of Karluk Manor in Anchorage, AK remains the most instructive in re Boulder Housing Partner’s proposed HF project at 1175 Lee Hill. Even the powers-that-be at both BHP and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (which will provide case management services) have admitted that this new $6 million plus, 31-unit wet facility is permanent supportive housing and not the transitional housing permitted under local zoning regs. Many HF clients will drink themselves to death in their expensive new apartments, just as they would if they remained on the streets. Other than providing job security for support staff, what in blazes is the point of it all?

It’s not only a travesty of compassion, it’s a de facto form of assisted suicide. I don’t know that there is a Hell (or even an afterlife at all), but if there is I hope that the apologists/enablers are subjected to a just portion of torment.

New e-mail address

By Max R. Weller

Here it is:

According to Hotmail, they’ve blocked my access to the old “mweller1956” account because someone tried to hack into it, and they don’t know for sure that I am me. I thought that’s what passwords are for, but who knows? I’ve wasted all this time since 10AM trying to unblock my old e-mail account, so I said to Hell with it. Use the new one . . .

Reminds me of the time some bum at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless went through the trash and came up with my Wells Fargo Bank account number from the monthly statement they faithfully sent, until about a year ago. I had 66 cents left in my account, and the thief didn’t know the password, but because they tried and failed to get it right a certain number of times all access was blocked. It wasn’t worth the effort to me to untangle the mess.

In the event some fool wants to play with my new e-mail account, and it too is blocked, I’ll not publicize the next e-mail address I get.

Budd is not representative of homeless people

By Max R. Weller

Not now, nor has he ever been at any time in the past, despite his status as the Daily [Asswipe’s] homeless pet and the former darling of Carriage House/Bridge House and its benighted leadership, including Joy Eckstine and George Epp. See this article. Quoting from it below:

Budd, a former [Carriage House] employee who had been homeless for 25 years, founded BOHO in 2009 as an alternative shelter to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. But Nancy Brinks, board chairwoman of BOHO, said Budd has not been involved with the program since 2010, and, according to the arrest warrant, Budd is again living on the streets.

About 80% of those who are defined as “homeless” are on the streets no longer than one month. Not 25 years, and not even the 10 years of homelessness chalked up by the Homeless Philosopher himself.

Obviously, Mr. Budd has his own demons which continue to rule his life and cause him to harm innocent people who have the misfortune to cross his path. We can hope that the victim in this case gets all the support she needs in the healing process, and that she will pursue justice to the fullest extent of the law. (Note that I refuse to qualify any statement by referring to “allegations”).

The Daily [Asswipe] also made quite a fuss about the Campsite Crapper, back in 2011 when he briefly ran for Boulder City Council. After I exposed his coprophilia and pathological lying on the community blog I wrote for that newspaper at the time, the editor went so far as to demand that I edit or delete my factual statement that the perv had engaged in his weird behavior at my campsite, to which he was an uninvited and most unwelcome intruder. Yes, I witnessed it. The Daily [Asswipe] didn’t have the integrity to tell the truth about Ron Chase, nor did they wish to stand up to the criticism leveled at me by Chase’s supporters from Carriage House/ Bridge House. That’s the main reason I moved my blog on homelessness to its present website.

As far as I’m concerned, the local media as a whole has engaged in a fraud against the unsuspecting public — attempting to portray both Ron Chase and Jim Budd as homeless men who are representative of the majority.

It’s a damnable lie. We can be thankful that it isn’t true . . . And I don’t want to hear from any apologists. It’s been said of Mussolini that he made the trains run on time — so what? On balance, he was an evil bastard.

This is very disturbing news . . .

Max R. Weller

I had no idea at the time what it was about, but Monday morning about 9AM as I was returning my clean laundry to my campsite in north Boulder, a BCSO deputy pulled up and politely asked me if I’d seen Jim Budd. I told him the truth: I’d been over in Longmont for the past week, and the last occasion I saw Mr. Budd was a few weeks ago in the morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. I was saddened that he was once again living on the streets, after having had a place of his own (apparently in Denver) for quite a while. Mr. Budd is well known as the founder of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow — but he has not been associated with that worthy endeavor for a long time now.

See the article in the Daily Camera here. My own source told me yesterday afternoon that methamphetamine abuse was involved in this case.

The victim here, who had known Mr. Budd previously as a casual friend (according to the news account), must certainly be devastated. We can all hope that she gets the support she needs, and that she pursues justice to the fullest extent. He is an acquaintance of mine, but not a close friend, and for that I’m thankful.

Violent sex offenders should be locked up for life upon conviction; unfortunately, there are many staying at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless after being released from prison, BSH being one of the few shelters in America which still accepts them as clients. See for yourself here and note the address of 4869 N. Broadway.

Wimps of the Year 2012

By Max R. Weller

A still frame captured from a Youtube video shows a Ford SUV following two cyclists near Longmont. (Photo Taken From Youtube Video)
Spandex-clad sissies, terrorized by a senile old fool doing nothing more than honking his horn, deserve to be honored as Wimps of the Year 2012. (I’ll bet they flipped him off first, BEFORE he began honking and they started filming).

I feel blogging fatigue setting in . . .

By Max R. Weller

To some extent, I’ve been feeling it for quite a while, but another moronic letter-to-the-editor by the grandstanding David B. Harrison, Esq. in today’s Daily [Asswipe] really got me down. It’s difficult not to think I’m wasting my time and effort trying to educate everyone about the reality of homelessness, when most seem unable or unwilling to learn. That’s equally true of the most helpless transients (without warm clothing or camping gear, despite its easy availability here in Boulder, CO) and those in positions of authority or influence who stubbornly cling to their own agendas (self-aggrandizement, in Mr. Harrison’s case).

Goodhearted people raising awareness and funding for a local nonprofit, one which I’ve supported with $$$, also went about it in a way I found to be disingenuous, at best. Sleeping on cardboard? Hell’s bells, I’ve never done that in over 4 1/2 years of camping out in all seasons. A catered meal from a local restaurant, and indoor toilet facilities available? Give me a break! Remarkably, these folks managed to be both gluttons for punishment and posers at the same time.

It seems that only the worst-behaved homeless people (who prey on others in their circumstances) or those who are severely mentally ill (and unable to use resources wisely) are prominent in the public eye. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: 80% of those who are defined as “homeless” are on the streets no longer than one month, including families with children, and they’re NOT drunks, NOT dope fiends, NOT petty criminals, and NOT lunatics off their meds.

Get a clue, people. The fact is that your overweening “compassion” has turned Boulder, CO into an overflow city for bad actors from Denver and elsewhere — and shortchanged Boulder’s own homeless people of shelter and services in the process. (And also diminished the overall quality of life for every resident). It’s FUBAR, so stop patting yourselves on the back.