SNIP: Say No to Irresponsible Parenting

By Max R. Weller

See the website here.

I’ve suggested in the past that it would be good public policy in America to offer Free Vasectomies to homeless men. (This is another shortcoming of Obamacare, but that’s a different post). This, of course, would make it much more difficult for homeless women to get pregnant and bring forth homeless babies. It’s hard to believe, but a few homeless women do so deliberately!

Not too long ago here in Boulder, CO we had the case of a homeless woman who gave birth in somebody else’s home with only a so-called midwife to provide any kind of “professional” assistance in the process. Unfortunately, the baby died just days later from a staph infection. WTF? Infant mortality from staph infections is something belonging to the Third World, not to America in the 21st Century. I don’t know whether or not this same woman is still homeless now, but here’s a post she made on Facebook late last night:

Thank you to everyone for the awesome baby shower! wonderful friends, food and gifts! after inventory all I have left for the birth that I need is a tarp and towels. if anyone can help with any of that that would be awesome!

A tarp? I need a tarp because I sleep outdoors, and if I had a real home I probably wouldn’t need one, unless I was covering my cord of firewood out back. Is this woman still homeless and getting set to deliver another homeless baby?

Geez Louise, what a befuddled race of nincompoops we humans are!

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