Max’s Journal 5/30/2012

By Max R. Weller

See the arrest affidavit for Zoey Ripple here. To this point, the authorities are handling the case exactly as they should.

The young woman who had been in the transitional living program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, whom I wrote about in my previous Journal post, told me this morning that she had cried and cried last night after staff told her she was booted out. Her Real Job made it impossible for her to meet the 8PM curfew at BSH and it wouldn’t always be possible to make a “reservation” for a later time in advance, with short notice being given to her, and it also wouldn’t always be possible to ignore customers at her job in order to phone BSH. All of this she had explained — in writing — before being accepted into the program. This is how things go in the Real World, but staff apparently isn’t willing to extend a helping hand to a client in the short-term, one who is employed full-time and who is clean and sober and who has no criminal record. When she told me that she wanted to talk to the director at BSH, I advised her not to waste her time and effort in doing so because he’s the knucklehead most responsible for creating the mess in the first place. I also told her she’d be better off living in her car and saving money, and avoiding being dragged down by the riff-raff who are program clients. She went on to tell me about her plans to return to college (all the more reason to stay out of the zoo which is BSH, where it would be impossible to study amidst all the noise and chaos). I think she felt better after our conversation, since I added that I’ve seen others over the years like her, who were shortchanged and f***ed over by the worthless transitional living program run by Greg Harms and his minions. 

Some good bargains at King Soopers this morning. I bought some Del Monte canned vegetables for $1 each (carrots and spinach), some discounted boneless bbq chicken nuggets from the deli, and some excellent potato salad on sale. Plus what has become my typical breakfast, two fresh-baked apple fritters. If some kind passerby at N. Broadway & U.S. 36 later on will hand me a bottle of ale from a local brewery, I’ll be set for an enjoyable late dinner; even better would be an IZZE Sparkling Juice.

Why in blazes are some of the homeless idjits who come here to Norlin Library on the CU campus so disrespectful and dumber than dirt? There’s some clown seated at the computer station next to me as this is being written, eating fruit cocktail from a can and some sort of sandwich still in its wrapper. Posted rules clearly state NO FOOD OR DRINK. I go outside to have lunch — are these yahoos special? I despise these assholes, with their ridiculous sense of self-entitlement encouraged by the apologists/enablers.

My Facebook friend Lorenza Andrade Smith, the United Methodist pastor from San Antonio, TX who has given up her salary and home and other worldly goods to live on the streets and learn about homelessness firsthand, tells me she’ll be returning to Colorado this summer. She visited me here in Boulder last October, and is the only guest I’ve welcomed to my campsite in the years I’ve been living outdoors. Certainly, I’ll welcome her again!


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